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New Windows 10 Beta Build Brings Cortana to Brazil, Mexico

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Friday brought great news for Microsoft users in Mexico, Brazil and French-speaking Canada as the company announced that its virtual assistant Cortana will start speaking their languages as well.

In what was a major update to the Windows 10 beta, Microsoft decided to allow users in these countries to take Cortana for a spin. Not only is the virtual assistant’s voice recognition on point, but its understanding of local culture is also updated.

For instance, Microsoft has equipped Cortana’s Mexican Spanish alter-ego with an accent to match the local dialect.

Thankfully, this personalization of Microsoft’s digital assistant is just the start, as the company hopes to make future changes based on feedback from Windows Insider program members. If the new languages are a success in the beta phase, Microsoft hopes to launch the program fully.

At the same time, Cortana can now reminders even if they’re only partially filled out; it means that the assistant can remind the users about something even if they didn’t specify a time, location or person.

When a to-do is recorded, users can access Cortana’s virtual notebook and ask the assistant remind them of it provided certain parameters are met – such as when the user arrives at a particular location or when a meeting’s date and time approaches.

Once Microsoft patches up Windows 10 even more, the user will be able to activate those reminders on demand; you’ll just ask Cortana about them, skipping the middle step of going through the notebook.

On top of everything, Microsoft added a small twist to the login screen that benefits people who use a login image. The Windows Spotlight option, which will allow people to select a computer-chosen picture from the internet, is still in the works.

The update has also introduced a couple of bugs, especially for people using a Surface Book, Surface Pro 3, or Surface Pro 4.

Their device might lock up out of the blue, becoming unresponsive to any input from the touchscreen, mouse, and keyboard. The only fix in that case is turning the computer off and on again from the power button.

At the same time, people who used the Kaspersky antivirus will see that the beta builds of Windows 10 aren’t compatible; Microsoft said it was working on a fix, but before a solution is found, the company recommends users to enable Windows Defender or another third-party antivirus.
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