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Ask Your iPhone-related Questions @AppleSupport on Twitter

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Apple has become a more prominent presence on Twitter with its latest general support channel. The English-language account can be found @AppleSupport, and it describes itself as a tips and tricks dispenser that also offers users help with their Apple-related questions.

Apple’s support initiative had already amassed more than 113,000 followersonly 24 hours after the account was opened.

Twitter users have been using this new opportunity to get in contact directly with Apple itself to inquire about future products (the support staff politely responded with ‘we don’t comment on future products’); but also to ask about various bugs they found in the iOS universe.

The first tweet of the account included a tip on how to turn standard lists into active check lists in the Notes app, accompanied by a ‘how to’ photo guide.

It’s not the first time Apple has taken to Twitter to reach its users; the first official Twitter support was for the App Store and it has been around since 2009. Apple also has an Apple Music Help Twitter account, for example, and the Beats by Dr Dre brand – now owned by the iOS company – also had a Twitter support account since 2012.

This is, however, the first time Apple opened a broader Twitter Support account, one that users can send all their Apple-related questions to. It feel a bit more inclusive that having separate support accounts for particular services.

Is Apple trying to expand its relation with the public as it continues to legally fight the FBI over iOS security and encryption?

Or maybe the company is just trying to reach more users who might need help, as Twitter has become a dedicated platform for people to complain when their gadgets go wrong.

Either way, Apple has been known for always including customer support as part of its top brand positioning. So expanding its Twitter presence could also help bolster the perception that Apple is associated with strong after-sales services.

Some noticed that it isn’t typical for Apple to engage with its users publicly, but the Tim Cook Apple era is known for being more open when it comes to publicity and business information than the old Apple.

Others speculate that Apple putting both its feet on Twitter could mean that Cupertino wants to eventually buy Twitter, but it’s probably safe to say that won’t happen. The iPhone company has yet to offer any comments about its decision to fully embrace Twitter as a general support channel.
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