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Samsung Starts Shipping Ridiculous 15TB SSD

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A lot of people have long forgotten – or are too young to know – about the much simpler times when the most storage we had was 1.44 MB on a floppy disk.

Technology has come a long way since, as Samsung unveiled an SSD that sets the record much higher.

The news about the 15 TB SSD (15.36 TB to be more precise) made headlines last year, but the South Korean company has now started shipping the drives to its customers – to those who can afford it, at least.

The largest in the industry, Samsung’s drive impresses with the fact that it packed such a massive amount of storage into a 2.5-inch package. Besides its storage capacity, the SSD’s size is one of its biggest selling points, because it makes things easy for users who use multiple drives.

The tech manufacturer was able to accomplish this ridiculous feat by stacking 48 layers of 256 GB V-NAND memory chips. Aside from the 15 TB drive, Samsung also sell other products in its PM1633a SSD lineup, ranging from 480 GB up to 8 TB in storage support.

Jung-bae Lee, Samsung’s senior VP of the Application Engineering and Memory Product Planning group, said the company is keen on keeping the lead in terms of next-generation SSDs by “using our advanced 3D V-NAND memory technology.”

Lee added that Samsung wants to deliver greater efficiency and performance to its customers while contributing to the growth of the premium memory industry. What the company is doing is impressive – no doubt – but such storage capacity comes at a great price.

Samsung has yet to reveal how much its new 15 TB drive costs, but experts assume it won’t go at a lower price than $5,000. Technically, individual people won’t know what to do with that kind of price, so don’t go imagining that anyone will be pulling that kind of cash out of their personal wallet.

But even if someone would have the means, only a couple of people would actually have any interest in buying one. That’s fine, because this product isn’t targeted at individual customers – Samsung probably had in mind enterprises or something along those lines.

This storage game – producing SD cards and drives – with increasingly huge capacity is something of a contest among tech companies, but Samsung has kept its position at the top of the industry with the 16 TB PM1633a SSD.

Don’t expect to see this type of storage becoming the standard on desktops and laptops any times soon. Samsung’s feat is only a good sign of where the technology is headed to.
Image Source: V3.co.uk

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