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Meta Launches Next Generation Augmented Reality Glasses

meta 2 glassesSeeing that augmented reality is predicted to become a $90 billion market by 2020, every company and their sister are trying to claim a stake in the industry of the future.

So is Meta, the maker of a cool augmented reality (AR) system, which has already moved on to the ordering phase. Interested consumers can have the Meta 2 development kit for only $950.

According to tech advisor Digi-Capital, by the time we reach the year 2020, augmented reality glasses will have become so light and small that you’ll have a hard time distinguishing them from regular sunglasses.

But Meta CEO Meron Gribetz takes it a step further, claiming “they’ll feel like they are extensions of your mind.” Founded in 2012, Meta started out with a handmade prototype using a Kinect motion-sensing system and Vuzix glasses, for the price of $10,000.

The company’s first original Meta product was launched in 2014, and cost “slightly” less at $667. Two years have passed and Gribetz’s demonstration of the Meta 2 at a TED conference only goes to show how much more advanced their technology is now.

Thanks to Meta 2, the user can interact with digital content via hand gestures, which is “a breakthrough in the field of AR,” according to the tech company. In other words, users will be able to touch, move, and grab digital objects just like they would do in the real world.

Florida-based Magic Leap is one of Meta’s biggest rivals, as the company has recently raised $1.3 billion for its AR glasses technology.

Critics are already all over Meta’s new glasses. According to Scoble, the technology pundit, Meta 2 is “the most important new product since the original Macintosh.”

In his speech at TED, Gribetz explained that the experience created by Meta 2 is supposed to combine “the art of user interface design with the science of the brain.” This results in the creation of ‘natural machines’ that are supposed to be “extensions of ourselves rather than the other way around.”

Meta is now working to create apps for its new device, in hopes that its collaboration with various developers will make a fundamental change in the way people communicate and engage with each other and with information.

At the same time, developers are also working on irresistible market-specific applications for Meta for a number of industries, such as education, medicine, and manufacturing. Gribetz has revealed that the company is already raising money for its next-generation product.
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