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Man on Electric Skateboard Sets Guinness World Record


Anyone who has ever fallen off their skateboard trying to ride it down the street knows how difficult it can be to ride one.

However, Mischo Erban has mastered the art and then some, setting a new Guinness World Record for the highest speed on an electric skateboard.

The 32-year-old has a passion for speed and has learned to “control the danger,” as he puts it in his own words. When he took his remote-controlled electric skateboard for a ride at 59.55 mph, the folks at Guinness were there to attest to the whole thing.

His daredevil challenge took place on a runway at Portoroz Airport in Piran, Slovenia. The board used by Erban was a modified NEXTBoard developed by Next Generation Vehicles.

After performing this incredible feat, Erban explained that he felt inspired by GWR, who, he says “help drive innovation and individuality.”

Before the invention of world records, people and companies were limited to local or national competitions, but there’s a certain dynamism to record breaking that “opened up a space and let us go into new directions.”

Controlling the speed of the board was possible via a handheld remote control that Erban used. According to GWR, the run that set the record was conducted on a flat runway, which means the top speed he reached was not aided by inclination.

As the run was caught on camera, the record setting was accompanied by a video of his tries and eventual success. In one of the tries, the man is shown falling off the board, but he was luckily kept safe with the help of leathers and a motorcycle racing helmet.

The board he used is rather impressive itself, with the four Scorpion motors installed on each wheel of the electric longboard. It is powered by a pair of Tattu 6S batteries in series, which need approximately 1.5 hours to charge.

When ridden at normal speed, the board has a range of 6-9 miles. The modified skateboard is the creation of designer and engineer at NEXTBoard.

Erban had 100m to reach his top speed, and he is the first rider to set this record. But his feat isn’t even that odd, as the Guinness World Records contains and monitors some has some unique records. It even has a record for the fastest riding lawn mower!

People are weird, there’s no doubt, but without GWR, we wouldn’t know exactly how strange they are and how keen to set new and random records all the time.
Image Source: Mischo

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