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McDonald’s Launches VR Viewer Made from Happy Meal Box

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We seem to have seen it all where smartphones are concerned, so tech companies and customers alike turn to the next big thing: virtual reality.

But it’s not just tech giants that want a slice of the cake. It terms of VR viewers, less-conventional firms have claimed a stake, such as Coca-Cola’s repurposed 12-can package.

Even more surprising is McDonald’s initiative in the virtual reality industry. It might be the greasiest VR viewer released until now, but McDonald’s hopes that its Happy Goggles will soon gain traction among the kids who will get a chance to try it out.

The famous fast food chain has released a surprising promotion called the Happy Google, and it will take place over the course of March in 14 of the company’s restaurants across Sweden.

Kids will be able to transform their Happy Meal boxes into an easy DIY set of VR goggles, something that looks – but sure doesn’t smell – like Google’s Cardboard viewer.

Even though not all kids will be able to create the device (at least not the youngest), it’s not particularly complicated to follow the instructions.

A few simple folds here and some tears there along perforated lines, and your kid is set to go. After adding the provided lens pack, the setup is completed by inserting your smartphone in the box.

The problem is, parents will have to be cool with placing the device inside a box that contained fries and a cheeseburger just minutes earlier – but hey, if your kid will be quite for another 10 minutes, then you might be able to overlook the potential greasiness.

Happy Goggles was launched to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the kid’s Happy Meal in the Scandinavian country. McDonald’s has even created a skiing game for kids to try with the headset.

It’s called “Watch out on the slopes (or “se upp i backen” for Swedish connoisseurs) and it’s a game that will keep your kid alerted to not hit obstacles or other skiers. The game is endorsed by the Swedish alpine ski team.

However exciting this experiment with virtual reality might be for kids, McDonald’s is still a fast-food chain, which means the platform is used more as a promotional tool rather than a way to advance the service in any way.

If McDonald’s VR deal sounds exciting for you and your kid and you don’t live in Sweden, don’t worry. The company announced the Happy Goggles might be rolled out globally if the Swedish children have a positive response to it.
Image Source: Ad Week

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