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Google Store Launched Dedicated VR Section

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As the smartphone market gradually reaches its saturation point, the media and consumers alike turn their attention to virtual reality, which seems to be the next best thing in all things technology.

A number of announcements keep VR in the headline news, such as the Coca-Cola’s experiment with the idea of transforming their 12-can fridge packaging into accessible VR headsets.

At the same time, McDonald’s has thought of a similar promotion that starts next Saturday in Sweden; a number of their Happy Meal boxes will also be able to turn into VR headsets.

While some companies are still experimenting with the wide range of possibilities offered by the VR platform, users can already pre-order the HTC VIVE, which has already sold more than 15,000 units.

Seeing the level of interest in virtual reality coming through the pipeline, it’s only a matter of time before e-commerce websites start assembling dedicated VR sections. Google seems to have got an early start in light of the new dedicated virtual reality section on the Google Store site.

Just like the sections on Android TV or Android Wear, the new VR section offers interested consumers a quick description of the content they can expect including information about the platform.

It goes on to list a number of products that you can now purchase direction from the Google Store. At the moment, there’s little variety in terms of the headset offering, and the store only sells Google-affiliated options.

As expected, Google’s own Cardboard is up for sale at the price of $15. You can also opt for Google’s Tech C1-Glass VR Viewer (at $14.99) or Mattel’s View-Master for $29.99. Even though the current selection is definitely leaning on the more basic side, consumers should expect it to grow continuously in due time.

However, consumers interested in experiencing virtual reality with the help of Google’s Cardboard might turn to other retailers that sell them at an even more accessible price, such as Amazon’s offering at $6.99.

Either way, Google’s decision to introduce a dedicated VR section further underscores the traction virtual reality is gaining among customers, as well as the company’s personal interest to keep being the leader in advancing this field.

According to most recent rumors, the search giant is expected to launch two new VR-related products over the course of the next year; one will be an update for the Cardboard, and the other is speculated to be a new standalone VR headset.
Image Source: Road to VR

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