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Sony Ceased Its PlayStation TV Sales in Japan

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Back in 2013 when Sony released the PlayStation TV – also known as the PlayStation Vita TV in some countries – the company felt it could capitalize on a new yet niche market.

But it was soon clear that Sony was doing nothing short of botching its chances in the field, so this news might not be a complete surprise.

Sony has made a quiet yet official announcement that the company is ceasing its PS TV sales in Japan. Without a doubt, the same decision will soon be made for other markets as well.

Honestly, not even Sony itself knows how to best describe the PS TV. If it’s supposed to be marketed as a mini-console, many of the games designed for the PlayStation platform are lacking from its offering.

If it’s supposed to be a streaming device, other set-top boxes easily outclass it by being substantially cheaper – even though the PS TV has been heavily reduced to a $40 price tag. In spite of partly sharing a name and a heritage with the PS Vita handheld, the gaming device only shares in a tiny fraction of its gaming catalog.

Even Sony admits that the PS TV was a flop from the very beginning, unable to gain enough market traction. In a desperate attempt to recoup losses, retailers were forced to half the initial $99 price tag, but there’s no sign that helped delay the inevitable.

Sony said the PS TV has met its untimely death, at least in Japan. Although the device took about a year to reach the US after launch, it probably won’t take as long to be officially declared dead there as well.

If any Sony fans or console collectors want to add the PS TV to their personal selection, they might as well start considering buying one ASAP – these may be the last batches of the device.

In addition to recent events, this news doesn’t inspire much confidence in the Vita line. After Sony’s more popular handheld was completely left out from last year’s E3 conference, many started wondering if Vita is on the way out.

However, if that were the case, fans hope the change will make room for something better. There’s no news yet about whether or not the PS TV will also be discontinued in North America, but fans shouldn’t be surprised if that happens.

Could Sony be planning to end the PlayStation Now service? Do you think this was the best decision for the company, or will it regret later?
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