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Facebook Launched Canvas Platform that Loads Ads Full-Screen

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The ad department is a big factor contributing to Facebook’s revenue, so the social network has officially rolled a new platform for advertisers that mimics the Instant Articles platform for publishers.

For that reason, the media has dubbed Facebook’s Canvas ad platform as “instant ads.” Canvas has been in the works for almost a year, and now it is finally launching for advertisers worldwide.

The new platform aims to provide marketers with facile tools to help them design “media-rich full-screen ads” that the Facebook app will load almost instantly – in a similar manner to Instant Articles.

Before this update, ads appearing in the mobile News Feed had to load and open in an in-app web browser window if the user clicked on it. At the same time, the ad was never displayed really full-screen because the in-app browser would constrain it.

It’s great that mobile websites have grown in complexity, but that also meant that the ads’ loading times increased as well; some of them ended up taking as long as 10 seconds to load, which often drove away users who clicked on them.

Both problems have found their solution in Canvas; ads that go through the new platform will be displayed right in the Facebook mobile app itself, and because their endpoints are preloaded, they will also appear almost simultaneous to the user’s click on the ad link in the News Feed.

Ad makers who will be using the Canvas tool won’t need any coding skills as the features are all based on a drag-and-drop design. Canvas will allow brands to create ads with GIFs, videos, carousels, product catalogs, animations, and tilt-to-view images.

During the one-year testing period, Facebook discovered that Canvas ads engage more users for longer times than traditional ads. More than 50 percent of users clicked on a Canvas ad that was up to 70 seconds long and stuck around to watch at least half of it. Surprisingly, the average Canvas ad view time is 31 seconds.

As for the pricing, Canvas ads won’t cost more; Facebook said they will advertisers will pay for them at the exact same rate as normal News Feed ads. Facebook has good news for users as well, ensuring them that Canvas won’t push more ads into their News Feed.

Interested advertisers can already sign up to use the Canvas platform. Even though the new ads are currently available only in Facebook’s mobile app, the company plans to bring them to Instagram and other apps.
Image Source: The Drum

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