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Microsoft Finally Acquires Xamarin to Boost the Development of Mobile Apps


After years and years of rumors, Microsoft has finally announced that it purchased Xamarin, a company that supports the development of mobile applications across platforms. Microsoft did not reveal the terms of the deal.

For the occasion, Scott Guthrie, executive VP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Group, wrote a blog post about the importance of today’s acquisition.

Guthrie explained the company “will be taking this work much further to make our world class developer tools and services even better with deeper integration and enable seamless mobile app dev experiences.”

Azure, Visual Studio, Xamarin, and Visual Studio Team are some of the companies and services that came together to provide developers with everything needed for the actual develop, test, deliver and customize mobile apps for every device.

This is a big deal for Microsoft, which spent several years trying to push its own Windows mobile OS with no success. Therefore, it decided to start releasing more and better apps for iOS and Android.

In the past, the Apache Cordova library was used for quickly porting over apps to Android and iOS. But now that Xamarin has been purchased by Microsoft, the Windows company might support Apple and Google’s mobile platforms at a more accelerated pace.

Xamarin and Microsoft have been collaborating for years now, in such a way that Xamarin’s tools work perfectly with Microsoft’s Office 365, Visual Studio, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Azure. However, rumors that Microsoft is interested to actually buy Xamarin have only become true today.

Over the years, Microsoft has been acquiring different mobile-friendly apps – like Acompli, Wunderlist, and Talko. But this mobile-focused deal has the developer at its center, rather than individual apps for end users.

At the same time, purchasing Xamarin also falls in line with the strategy of building a “mobile-first, cloud-first world,” as Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has been promoting for years.

Xamarin will be offering several services, including software that extends the C# programming language to write native apps for different platforms, a testing tool for apps, an analytics service, and online classes.

For a company that started out in 2011, Xamarin has quickly built a client base of more than 15,000 customers, including some big names (GitHub, Bosch, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, among others).

The San Francisco-based company has pulled in tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue, as it gradually opened additional offices in London, Buenos Aires, Boston, Singapore, and Denmark.
Image Source: Wired

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