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Facebook Launched a Birthday Cam Feature on iOS

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Noticing your friends’ birthdays on Facebook has become a chore for a lot of users, but just typing “Happy Birthday!” – or “HBD,” depending on how lazy you are – on a friend’s profile has lost all meaning a long time ago.

So Facebook has decided people need a push to start sending more intimate greetings and it launched a Birthday Cam feature on iOS. This way, users will be able to capture a video message for the birthday girl or boy, a message that can be as long as 15 seconds.

Before sharing it on their wall, you can also add fun birthday-themed frames. However, instead of being compiled into something more watchable, the videos will appear separately on their wall; Facebook is probably working on changing that.

To be honest, even if you just film yourself saying “happy birthday,” it’s still a lot more personalized and unique than just typing it. Ever since Facebook has become a ubiquitous utility in our lives, we started using it in the strangest ways.

“Pity liking” has become a thing, and some users invite their friends to events that take place thousands of miles from where they live – weird things we do to give the impression that we care about our friends even if little effort goes into showing them that.

Among these peculiar habits is also the “Happy Birthday” wall posts, and they are probably the ones we use the most. From the very beginning, Facebook was a useful tool to make sure you don’t “forget” a friend’s birthday.

Some considerate friends will add to the generic “happy birthday” at least a meme, a photo of you two, or some words about a memory you share. Therefore, counting the number of pictures, likes and wishes posted on one’s cake day has turned into an almost mandatory practice.

But because this habit has lost all glam over the years – messages became repetitive – Facebook decided it was time to add a new glamour to wishing your friend a “happy birthday.”

This is how the Birthday Cam came to life, with the social network hoping it will breathe some new life into one of the oldest habits ingrained into the platform.

When you use the feature, keep in mind that most people watch Facebook videos with the sound off, so maybe instead of saying “happy birthday,” you can hold up a series of written placards while smiling into the camera.
Image Source: TechCrunch

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