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Nintendo World Reopened its New York Store With a New Look

alt="A statue of Nintendo Co.'s video-game character Mario stands at the company's showroom in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Nintendo, the world's largest maker of video-game machines, reports its full-year earnings today. Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg"

The favorite place for hardcore fans of Mario and Link, Nintendo World reopened its New York store with a new look to match the company’s ambitious plans for the future.

During the first month of 2016, Nintendo’s store in the Big Apple was temporarily closed as the interior was reinvented as a future-proof location.

As the only US retail location open to the public, the New York store had no problem rebranding itself from: out with Nintendo World and in with Nintendo NY.

According to PJ Sadler, Nintendo’s Regional General Manager, the store’s revamping was meant to set the NY location in line with the “premium level of quality” we have come to expect from Nintendo.

In practical terms, the refurbishing has been translated into new exhibits, new designs for the lighting, and a brand new floor layout. The changes the company had in mind for the store were turned in reality by Gensler, a New York-based architectural firm.

The first-floor registers were relocated and now reside on the west wing of the store; wanting to open up the space and create a more flexible interior space, the designers also decided against keeping the upstairs alcove.

Instead of keeping everything bolted down as before, the display cases now feature little wheels that increase their movability.

This new approach will allow Nintendo to toy with various exhibition layouts or simply make room for championships and other public events. The open-floor design will be tested for the first time next month, when the Nintendo NY will host the regional finals of the Pokkén Tournament.

On the second floor, Nintendo decided to keep the gaming museum, and the vintage gaming items will be shifted around the exhibition to always keep things fresh. Visitors will see a number of classic Nintendo consoles – such as the SNES and the Virtual Boy – all kept in sleek clear glass cases.

Thanks to the revamping, the store no longer feels like a semi-claustrophobic room, as it metamorphosed into a proper exhibition space. But some of the initial design choices will still make an appearance.

For instance, the cute Poké Ball located at the front door are still in place, as well as the metal silhouettes of the Mario characters sitting above the elevators in homage to the golden years of Nintendo World.

At the big opening, a large number of fans who showed up proved the revamped Nintendo store is going to be a success. Nintendo’s reshaped NY location is certainly exciting, but diehard fans are even more anxious about its highly-anticipated NX console.
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