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Get in Touch with Potential Donors Via Facebook’s New Website

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Facebook has launched on Thursday a new website which covers everything from engaging supporters with your cause, to using Facebook to keep users updated during events or targeting micro-communities.

It’s become rather popular for people to express their support for different social causes by simply “liking” their Facebook pages, so much so that “slacktivism” was invented as a neologism to describe this type of social in-activism.

Thanks to Facebook’s new website, all you ever wanted to ask about how to raise money and support for your charity via the social network is in one place. By accessing nonprofits.fb.com, NGOs and nonprofit organization will have an easier way to fundraise and get in touch with potential donors in tangible ways.

A recent statement gave by the social network expressed their excitement over “how many people use Facebook to improve the lives of others and help their communities.” They say it falls in line with Facebook’s motto of being committed to helping people do more good.

Nonprofits and activist individuals can check the new site to get tips for the best way to increase awareness for their causes. The site also offers step-by-step guides on how to organize successful fundraising campaigns and engage people in charitable action.

Meanwhile, individuals and groups also have a dedicated platform for connecting with each other in order to find out about successful tactics used by organizations with similar causes.

However, the tools gathered on the new website are far from new; for example, the Donate button has been around since August of last year. But it helps that all these tools have been packed together into a one-stop resource. Interested charitable causes can only access the website in English, for now.

Before joining the site, you must already have a public “Page” for your charity or cause. According to TechCrunch, anyone can add a Donate button to their page, but Facebook must recognize them as a charitable cause. If not, a notification pops up saying the page is “not endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook.”

The new website also presents some success stories of organizations that have had more social impact by using Facebook. This side of Facebook that’s dedicated for “social good” has become even more visible on the social platform since November 2015.

However, recent weeks have brought some heavy criticism to Facebook’s charitable efforts. Its “Free Basics” project of bringing the Internet to users in developing countries was met with enormous backlash in India, which led to a complete banning by the Indian government.
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