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Facebook Messenger Will Start Supporting Multiple Accounts for Android

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The rumor mill churns and churns relentlessly when it comes to upcoming news in the tech world. A few days ago, it spewed out two rumors: Facebook Messenger will start supporting multiple accounts for Android and SMS via the platform.

Today, half of those predictions have become reality. Let’s say you’re a parent. Your kids are allowed to use Facebook Messenger in the evenings after doing their homework to keep in touch with their friends and talk about Minecraft or other interests they might have nowadays.

You’re happy to let them use the platform occasionally, but you’re not there yet with buying them their own smartphones just yet. What can you do? Before today, you had to keep logging in and out, but not anymore.

Facebook has finally made things a little bit easier for its users by introducing support for multiple Messenger accounts on the same device. This ability to easily switch accounts within the Messenger app is the answer of a lot of requests sent in by people who share their tablets and smartphones with friends and family.

Thankfully, the way Facebook designed this feature makes it rather flexible, meaning that you can decide if a password is needed in order for anyone to hop into any of the other accounts saved on the device.

For instant, you, the parent, can set so that you can hop into your kid’s account with no password – just to make sure they’re staying safe in the creepy world of the online. Meanwhile, you can keep your own account password-protected in order to make sure all your conversations stay private.

Or, if it’s the case of sharing the same tablet with a couple of roommates, keeping everyone’s account on lock down and their stuffy private could be a better solution toward a drama-free cohabitation.

Facebook announced that those accounts that are password-protected won’t be accessible by any other accounts, but the notification count will show for all the saved accounts on the device.

This feature was spotted in a testing phase about a week ago, but the social network is now officially rolling it out. There’s a catch, however – it’s strictly Android-only for now, with no details or timeline for when (or if) the feature will be released on Apple’s products.

If you’re sharing an iPad or an iPhone with your kid, you’re still stuck with the constant logging in and out for a while longer, so hang in there.
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