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Facebook Messenger Might Start Sending You Ads

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Even though Messenger is Facebook’s fastest-growing and most popular product, the social network has yet to monetize directly to its 800 million monthly active users.

But that is reportedly about to change, since Facebook Messenger might start sending you ads over the next few months, according to a new report. Fortunately, the feature will not offer companies a free ticket to spam out ads.

Instead, Facebook imagines a system where users will start receiving ads from businesses they have chatted with in the past. The logic behind the idea is that you’re supposedly interested in finding out about their products if you’ve been chatting with a particular company.

But for the door to these ads to be opened, users need to start chatting with businesses, and Facebook reportedly also has a method on how to make that happen.

This information is based on a leaked document from TechCrunch, acquired from an anonymous yet “verified source.” According to this new information, Facebook’s Messenger will be opened up to ads starting with the second quarter of this year.

At the same time, there’s information in the document about the shortened URL that sends Facebook users into a direct chat session with a particular business.

Once they get there, these users are open for ads – even if they might not want to be bombarded with product news.

Facebook has confirmed that the “fb.com/msg/“ link exists and that it is accessible. You can try this shortened link yourself by copy-pasting this address in your browser with an added page name at the end (e.g. “FB.com/msg/BusinessName”).

However, the social network has declined to comment about the Messenger ads plans. According to an email sent to TC, Facebook said, “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation. That said, our aim with Messenger is to create a high quality, engaging experience for 800 million people around the world.”

It seems that Facebook wants to ensure its users that should this rumor about ads be true, it will tread carefully so people won’t experience unwanted messages.

So far, it doesn’t appear that users will have any way of opting out of receiving advertisements, except avoid private communications with companies.

There’s no way to tell if deleting a chat thread with a certain company would mean receiving no more ads. However, strong limitations will probably be set in place in regard to the push of advertisements from different companies.
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