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The Biggest, Fully Functional Rubik’s Cube Ever

huge rubik's cube

Even when they fit in the palm of your hand, Rubik’s Cubes can be pretty difficult to solve, but imagine having to pull it out of your garage with the help of a friend and some rope.

If you have one of those in your possession, you might want to compare yours with what might be the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube. Tony Fisher thought that solving a regular-sized Rubik’s Cube had become too easy, so he took it to the next level.

So he built himself a version of the game that measures about five feet on each of its sides and weighs about 220 pounds. From the video he posted, it’s looks like enough of a struggle to just bringing it out to play, so we can only imagine the back-breaking challenge that comes with trying to actually solve it.

Tony Fisher is a famous British gamemaker who enjoys creating “custom rotational puzzles.” His new project aims to set a peculiar kind of record: having built the biggest, fully functional Rubik’s Cube ever.

Before building this Rubik’s Cube, Fisher had considered building an even larger one a couple of weeks ago. A few impediments made him go for a “smaller” size; for example, he wanted to be able to move the cube from his house outside and vice-versa – which means the cube had to go through the doors.

He also mentioned that he couldn’t find stickers for the sides wider than 17.7-inch rolls. In the presentation video he also added that the cube is meant to be used by one person, “like the original,” so his big dreams had to be sized down a bit.

But his final Rubik’s Cube is massive enough so that you have to walk around it to push the colored squares into the right place. The cube is about five feet wide, weighs about 220 pounds and has an overall volume that’s about 20,000 times larger than a normal Rubik’s Cube.

Built over the course of several weeks at the beginning of this year, Fisher’s huge Rubik’s Cube wants to challenge the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest.

Its creator is rather confident that as soon as the organization hears about him – he only posted the video a couple of days ago – he has a pretty good chance at setting the record. As far as solving it goes, even cheating by peeling and replacing the massive stickers seems a daunting task.
Image Source: The Week

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