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HTC Timepiece Is Rumored to Be Launched in April

htc smartwatch
HTC Petra Smartwatch (aka HTC One Wear)

Even though the interest in HTC’s upcoming products is nowhere near the buzz generated by Apple’s iPhone 7, the Android rumor mill still churns speculations about HTC’s new smartwatch.

Word on the street is that the HTC One smartwatch is getting all fancy and ready to be launched in April this year. And by “word on the street” we mean Evan Blass, an American blogger and phone leaker known for making highly accurate leaks.

He recently tweeted about the how the HTC timepiece is rumored to be launched in April; you can find all of his predictions under his pal name @evleakes on Twitter.

As only scarce details have been made known to the public, speculation is all we have. The HTC is rumored to be powered by Android Wear and sport a circular design. If it releases with a round display, no one is going to be surprise, given that consumers are increasingly interested in smartwatches these days.

The price of the upcoming smart gadget is yet to be determined. The name of HTC’s upcoming Android Wear-powered smartwatch is also only speculated at this point.

Back in September, codename Halfbeak started being thrown around, mimicking the name of the fish, just like most of the other Android Wear smartwatches sport fish-related codenames. It was also said the device is most likely to be fitted with a round 360 x 360 resolution screen.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has encountered a little hiccup in July 2014. By that time, Blass had already leaked an image of what was supposed to be HTC’s forthcoming smart timepiece.

However, only two months later, HTC announced the project was killed off so as not to enter the fierce competition among rival LG, Samsung, Motorola and other big tech players. Still, other factors had played a role in postponing.

For one, the cost of building the watch is one of the reasons why HTC has let dust settle on the plan to produce the smart gadget. Moreover, the company was allegedly not happy with the design, saying it was not “innovative enough” to compete with other smart timepieces on the market.

However, last December saw Blass tweeting about a new launch date for the long-awaited wearable device; he said it could finally see the inside of a shipping box this February.

But regardless of the exact timeline, the final product will have to rise to the occasion, especially since HTC has taken such a long time to produce the device.
Image Source: PC Advisor

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