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Picasa Will Retire Over the Next Few Months


Remember Picasa? Google seemed to forget about it for a while, but now it decided it was time to give the photo software the boot. Ever since the tech giant started focusing on Google Photos, Picasa became less and less relevant, so it’s getting the ax now.

In light of the announcement Google made today, Picasa will retire over the next few months, so as users – especially those dedicated to Picasa – will have time to properly migrate to the new platform.

If you’ve already been using the cloud to back up your photos, you can take the easiest route and simply log into Google Photos; thanks to the cloud, all your videos and photos should also be accessible in the new app.

That is not to say that Picasa and Google Photos are the same; some differences are noticeable in terms of how captions, tags, and comments are dealt with. Many Picasa users might have used them to keep their galleries organized, but they have not been revived in Google Photos.

Consequently, Google thought of another way to access the data in the form of Picasa Web Albums. You can view, download and delete Web Albums there, but if you want to start creating, editing or organizing – you’ll need to turn to Google Photos for help.

Even if Picasa retires completely – as is Google’s plan – your app won’t self-destruct if you refuse to delete yourself. The current installation will still allow you to manage your pictures, tag them, and sort them into galleries, but no more updates will be made for the service.

However, Picasa support for desktop will officially cease to exist as of March 15, 2016. While updates and new features will be discontinued – which wouldn’t be such a problem – Google also warns that it won’t provide any more security patches.

But Picasa was doomed several years back, when the tech giant launched Google+. The new social network was obviously the place where Google hoped people will share their photos online. Starting May 2013, Google began suggesting Google+ to people looking for the Picasa service.

But Google+ was nowhere near the success Google expected it to be, and the underwhelming response caused a sudden overhaul last year; Google Photos became a standalone app its own right, without its social network credentials.

Shifting one’s workflow from Picasa into the browser might become a frustration for users familiar with the service, but Google Photos wants to help with a local uploader app for install. Users will then have their photos automatically sent to the cloud.
Image Source: Droid Life

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