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Self-driving Project: Google Is Advertising Dozens of Jobs for Engineers

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Google’ self-driving car project is becoming less of a prototype and more of a reality that we will encounter more as years pass. The tech giant’s latest development is advertising dozens of jobs for engineers on its website, so you might want to head over here if this is your thing.

Google is also looking for managers with a specific focus on manufacturing expertise. The job posts came a few days after the world’s most valuable technology company received proof of support from the U.S. vehicle safety regulators.

According to current regulation, Google’s cars could not be traveling without a human driver behind the steering wheel, but the governmental agency said that in the near future, Google’s computers and robots powering their autonomous car could be legally considered as drivers.

More than 30 jobs – all related to different aspects of the Google X car project – were listed on the company’s website. They’re looking for people with expertise in robotics, motion control, manufacturing, and managers for various parts of the project, such as materials and marketing.

Even though in the past Google has repeatedly denied having any interest in manufacturing its own cars, this kind of mass hiring gives us a sneak peek into exactly how much hardware Google will eventually build to make the next car of the future.

In January of this year, John Krafcik, head of Google’s self-driving car project, reportedly said the department was looking to sign partnerships with established carmakers and suppliers in order to advance its work quicker.

It’s not just Google that’s shown interest in developing self-driving cars; many traditional carmakers and tech companies alike have joined the race. It’s a matter of time before Google, Tesla, Apple or Uber Technologies will present the public with the first functional autonomous car.

According to one of the job posting for a marketing manager, Alphabet – Google’s holding company – wants to expand the self-driving project even more as soon as it “graduates” from the company’s X division.

There’s no doubt that Google’s plans with autonomous technology are about to scale up, as explained by Mark Stevens, project manager at the Centre for Automotive Research. He added that it was noteworthy that a lot of the jobs required “experience working in Asia.”

This could mean that Google wants to outsource the manufacturing of the next generation of autonomous vehicles. At the same time, Stevens does not believe that the adverts should be seen as an indicator for a shift to mass manufacture just yet.
Image Source: Tech Insider

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