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Twitter is Testing a Potential GIF Button, Rumor

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Rumor has it that Twitter is testing a potential GIF button on its mobile platform. Without a doubt, Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging networks online, with the company reporting more than 320 monthly active users.

At the same time, GIFs are definitely becoming one of the most preferred forms of communication online, so Twitter is probably thinking it’s time to completely join the GIF parade. While this move could entertain existing users, it could also attract new users to the service.

Some reports say that several Twitter users have spotted a dedicated GIF button on the social network’s Android app, next to the poll and camera icons. According to Phil Pearlman, a Twitter user who claims to have seen and used the GIF button, Twitter allows people to select and share trending GIFs.

However, Twitter has yet to confirm or deny the existence of this novel feature for its apps. The button has mysteriously disappeared from the app, but not before Pearlman got a chance to take some screenshots.

The rumor has even higher chances of becoming true as Pearlman was not the only Twitter user to spot the dedicated GIF button. But why wouldn’t Twitter be interested in such a feature? With GIFs gaining such traction in social media, the 140-character platform might as well take it to the next level.

Back in June 2014, Twitter integrated animated GIFs on its platform, on desktop and mobile alike – but users who want to share these animated images need to access a third-party service, such as Giphy.

Other social networking services have also shown interest in taking part in the GIF party; both Tumblr and Pinterest support GIFs, as well. Even though their value lies in the fun and entertainment they provide, GIFs also hold the potential of becoming commercial ads for companies to promote their brands.

For example, Kik – the worldwide instant messenger app which boasts more than 275 million registered users – has announced that branded GIFs will be integrated on its platform. In exchange for a fee, companies are allowed to use branded GIFs to promote their brands on the chat app.

At this point, Twitter’s dedicated GIF button is only a rumor, and users will have to wait until Twitter comes close to a launch date before it makes it official. Meanwhile, if the platform does integrate the GIF button, it might be only for fun or used as a revenue generator.
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