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Nintendo’s Quality of Life Program Has Been Put to Sleep Indefinitely

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Towards the end of 2014, Nintendo surprised its fanbase with plans of developing an app that tracks sleep and fatigue levels, one that could help them optimize their down time.

Surprisingly, however, Nintendo’s health project received no more updates ever since, until yesterday, that is, when the Japanese games company announced the Quality of Life program has been put to sleep indefinitely.

When it was first revealed, the device certainly intrigued the public, seeing that it was completely unrelated to gaming. About the size of one’s palm, it was meant to be placed on a nearby table from where it would monitor sleep data with the help of microwave sensors.

After being analyzed, the data would then provide the user with pointers on how to improve their sleep cycle. But at Nintendo’s earnings release this week, CEO and president Tatsumi Kimishima told investors that the sleep-tracking device will take a lot longer to become a polished consumer product.

Wired translated the original Japanese transcript which mentions Nintendo’s intention of delaying the release of the product due to a lack of “conviction that the sleep-and-fatigue-themed device can enter the phase of actually becoming a product.”

Nintendo’s health tracking device – designed to collect pulse rate, temperature and sleep patterns – was supposed to hit the shelves in March 2016. However, Nintendo’s CEO explained that in spite of the unexpected delay, his company is keen on continuing to develop the QOL initiative.

In order to develop this health tracker, Nintendo partnered with Resmet, a firm with many years of venture experience in creating and selling sleep-tracking devices.

Some of our readers who are up to speed with Nintendo’s history might find some similarities between the sleep-tracker story and the notorious Vitality Sensor. Back in 2013, Nintendo announced it at E3, but the late former leader of the company Satoru Iwata, dropped the project “due to its unreliable functionality.”

One of the reasons why Nintendo was forced to delay QOL might be that the company cannot handle yet another project. Nintendo is working extra hard to get back on track after the plunging sales of the 3DS and the Wii U meltdown.

Meanwhile, the company has announced that it will out a few smartphone games this year, alongside NX, an exciting new handheld device. The Japanese firm is also preparing to release My Nintendo, a new online service to replace the current Club Nintendo rewards program.
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