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Frinkiac: Search Through Millions of Screengrabs about The Simpsons

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Did you ever encounter moments in life that were best described by a line from The Simpsons? Yeah, us too. That’s why Frinkiac is the best news we got recently.

If you’ve ever daydreamt about being able to search through millions of screengrabs about The Simpsons, Frinkiac is here to fulfill your desire. And don’t worry about seeing all that crisp imagery and 16:9 ratios of later seasons – the creator only included the first 15 seasons.

Your boss might not be very happy about this new time-waster – we would all rather scroll to the three million amazing, searchable screenshots from the iconic animation than actually work.

Named after our favorite wacky scientist, Professor Frink, Frinkiac made a not-so-subtle entrance on the Internet yesterday, presenting us with a precious collection of every quote from the first 15 seasons of The Simpsons.

It’s never been easier to impress your friends with your passion for one of the most quotable show of the last two decades. With Frinkiac, it’s easy to become a Simpsons meme machine, as the collection is equipped with its own search engine.

You just type in a few words of the screenshot you’re looking for, and Frinkiac will dutifully reveal the image from its 3 million indexed images. You can easily create your own memes by simply clicking on the “Make Meme” button, which allows you to edit the text that overlays on one scene.

For people who reference The Simpsons at least 10 times a day, Frinkiac is basically a godsend. Thanks to its search function, you can get the right screenshot a lot faster than scrolling through Google images.

At the same time, being able to search for specific moments and scenes is particularly useful. However, a lot of people would probably prefer an animated GIF instead of a plain screenshot. If Frinkiac (fingers crossed) manages to add this functionality without being taken down by Fox, we can see people converting from Giphy.

Frinkiac is particularly impressive thanks to its ability of chopping every scene into 100 sections – if there are enough differences in color from one frame to another , Frinkiac saves it as a separate screenshot. So it’s almost as if you move through Simpsons episodes frame-by-frame, which means it’s almost impossible not to find your favorite one.

Paul Kehrer, co-developer of Frinkiac’s, said that the website’s goal is to remind people to watch their favorite episodes from one of greatest television comedies of all time.
Image Source: BBC

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