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Facebook Celebrates its 12th Anniversary with a Friends Day Video Tool

friends day videoHappy Birthday, Facebook! The number one social network turns 12 this Thursday, a celebration the company has come to refer to as Friends Day.

On the occasion of its latest anniversary, selfless Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that instead of focusing on the company, he wants to focus on what the company does best: making its users happy.

So you can now celebrate alongside Facebook with two new tools that allow you to see how the social network has helped you become friends with so many people. Similar to its Year in Review videos, Facebook celebrates its 12th anniversary with a Friends Day video tool to its 1.59 billion monthly active users.

In addition, two special sticker packs were also released for the occasion; you can download them from the Sticker Store, like any other pack and start spreading joy and happiness around.

According to a company’s blog post, the past five years had a tremendous effect in bringing its users more close together; the degree of separation between users has been lowered from 3.74 degrees in 2011 to 3.57 in 2015.

The Friends Day video is a personalized, stitched film that the network will piece together for your, featuring the special moments you’ve shared with friends on Facebook. Thankfully, the video is completely customizable, meaning that you can avoid any mishaps by being able to control what’s featured in the video.

Initially, Facebook will offer you a “draft” which will include photos you might like, but if there are some shots in there you’d rather forget about, you can easily cut them out and replace them with better ones.

Once you’re happy with the end result, you are obviously encouraged to share it on your Facebook profile. In addition to featuring your video at the top of your friend’s News Feed, Facebook will also include a link for them to create their own.

You might not receive the tool right away, seeing that this is a global rollout; Facebook said that most users should be able to see the tool and the stickers by mid-day on Thursday.

For those interested in the stickers, the two packs will be available for free and will help you show your appreciation to your friends; search them under the name of “Best Friends” and “Friendship.”

Facebook has also reminded people of how important it has become to keeping people close in the world. Its size has doubled from 750 million to more than 1.59 billion users since 2011, which contradicts the people who claim Facebook is no longer cool for kids.
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