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Google Is Planning to Introduce a Podcast Feature

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We’ve known for a while that Google is planning to introduce a podcast feature to its popular Play Music app, we just didn’t know the launching date. We still don’t know exactly when we should expect it, but according to popular podcaster, Bill Simmons, February might just be the month.

A podcast feature would add yet another media platform to the already long list of options accessible in the Play Store. With Google already offering music downloads and streaming, books, movies, games and other apps, adding podcasts would mean having a virtually complete offering in terms of popular media.

Simmons has confirmed the move via a post on Twitter earlier on Wednesday. Even though he later took it down for some reason, the prying eyes of the public had already got a glimpse of the news.

Android Police was the first to report the news, offering us a pretty good idea of how the podcasts’ user interface will look like. According to some of the site’s readers, they managed to access the yet unreleased podcasts feature and report back on some of the new features podcasts will bring.

The user interface features white and orange predominantly, while the rest of the app is almost identical to the integrating Play Music app. This means that different podcasts will be displayed in Material-like cards, an approach people are already used to.

Users will be able to access the podcasts option via the sidebar menu on the left, listed just above ‘Browse Stations.’ Once you click on that option, you will see the default home screen, which offers the ‘Featured’ collection of podcasts.

However, you can also search for specific podcasts, or browse if you’re interesting in seeing what’s new. When you choose a specific podcast, you are given the option of listening to individual episodes and subscribe to channels.

If you’re concerned about missing your shows’ new episodes, the feature allows you to auto-download the last five episodes of any podcast; you can also opt in to receive a notification for new episodes on the podcasts you’ve subscribed to.

In other words, the new feature seems to include all the options you’d expect to see in a podcast app. Besides, it’s really useful that you don’t have to download a third-party app to listen to your favorite podcasts.

Unfortunately, we are left wondering when Google plans to officially launch the service. But given the fact that a handful of users have already seen it, it’s safe to assume the tech giant is preparing to release it soon.
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