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YouTube Plans to Develop 360-degree Video Streaming

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Google is really taking a dive in virtual reality this year. In addition to all the other VR news we have heard from the tech giant, recent weeks brought updates about how Google-owned YouTube plans to develop 360-degree video streaming.

According to BuzzFeed, YouTube has already started talking to the manufacturers of 360-degree cameras. The popular video-sharing platform already features some immersive 36-degree imagery that you can experience by checking out some of Google’s virtual tours.

YouTube also has some videos uploaded directly on the site that can be watched via Google Cardboard, but the tech company hopes to take things to an entirely new level by adding a live streaming 360-degree feature.

A new report from BuzzFeed that cites sources familiar with the matter claims YouTube has already started preparing the context by meeting with 360-degree camera manufacturers. Google is interested in being able to offer live, immersive broadcasts through YouTube.

However, this is all we know about the potential changes; the report offers no launch, YouTube itself has yet to confirm the existence of such a product. The company has yet to respond with any comments.

However, with the strong rumors in recent weeks that Google is developing a VR camera it’s not difficult to imagine that the company wants to offer YouTubers a way to stream live VR broadcasts in addition to a VR camera to film them with.

At this point, it’s next to impossible to know the connection between Google’s plans and the potential VR camera competitors YouTube is talking to.  However, even if Google’s launching its own VR camera, YouTube would still want outside VR camera makers in the field, if only to ensure the site will have enough VR content.

Last year, NextVR streamed a Golden State Warriors game via Samsung Gear VR, and viewers had mixed feelings about the overall experience. While the quality of the broadcast image was surprisingly good, the stream was constantly interrupted, making for a less than satisfying amazing watching.

But if the streaming problem gets fixed, virtually attending games in the best seats of the house could really draw huge interest toward VR broadcasts from sports fans.

With Google’s help and backed by years of experience, YouTube has a real chance at delivering more reliable video streams and popularizing live VR more than almost any other startup that’s currently experimenting with the technology.
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