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Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch: A Luxurious Timepiece for Women

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As the smartwatch market gradually expands, the variety increases, too. Not all intelligent watches must sacrifice style by being bulky, rectangular or just plain gray and black.

That’s the case of the smartwatch quietly released today by HP in collaboration with fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. The Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch was created as a luxurious timepiece for women, studded with Swarovski crystals.

At $249 apiece, the smartwatch features multicolored leather bands, displays smartphone notifications, and tracks the user’s activity. Following in the footsteps of Fossil, HP says the new watch for women uses a stylish case for a device with smart features.

And it’s definitely pleasing to look at its traditional analog face which sports a discreet OLED display at the very bottom. That little screen will show your notifications, such as calls, text, and calendar alerts, while all the other components of the device function like a normal watch.

The HP smartwatch resembles other Mizrahi timepieces in design, featuring Roman numerals for time indication and multiple genuine leather bands which are interchangeable. The encasing is made of stainless steel and the face comes in two colors, silver or gold. Both versions are elegantly outlined in Swarovski crystals.

Just like any most other smartwatches, the Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android devices and will connect via Bluetooth. Besides tracking the user’s daily activity, the device is also water-resistant up to 30 meters.

But one of the more peculiar features is the watch’s direct feed to Isaac Mizrahi’s Twitter account – so don’t be surprised when his tweets show up on the tiny display even to though you don’t follow his posts.

Even though this feature basically makes the watch an extension of Mizrahi’s brand, it’s not the first time it’s been done. Fossil’s Q wearables all feature a Curiosity page in their mobile apps enticing users to participate in various ‘curiosity challenges.’

The Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch is, however, the first device that HP is explicitly marketing to women. HP has already developed two other smartwatches, the Movado Bold Motion and the Titan Juxt.

Whether enough women will head over to HP’s website to buy a smartwatch remains to be seen. But there’s reason to believe that the Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch’s elegant design will be enough to hold its own against Fossil’s Q smartwatches and other stylish devices on the market.
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