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T-Mobile Added Four Major Streaming Services to Binge On

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T-Mobile won some major points with consumers last year when it announced the release of their Binge On service. For those unfamiliar with the matter, Binge On allows users to stream to their heart’s desires without it making a whole into your data plan.

The only downside to their service is that it only works with specific streaming content providers, specifically the ones T-Mobile adds to their package. Even though Binge On certainly rubs a number of people the wrong way, the company has kept on adding new compatible streaming services to its offer.

Today, T-Mobile added four major streaming services: Amazon Video, Univision NOW, Fox News, and the WWE network. This brings the growing list up to 40 content providers that T-Mobile users can stream without it eating out of their monthly data plan.

Besides announcing the new streaming options, T-Mobile also released a bit of data regarding the way people use the Binge On service. Completely unsurprising, company customers are now “spending twice as long watching videos on their phones.”

Ever since Binge On was launched, customers have streamed an overwhelming 34 petabytes of video to their devices. But other the news is concerning for some parties involved.

T-Mobile announced that one service that was already compatible with Binge On has seen a 79 percent spike in daily viewers since the service was added on the lists. Another content provider announced that teaming with T-Mobile for their Binge On service meant users watched 33 percent more hours in terms of content.

In other words, T-Mobile is actually driving business to these services by allow people to view certain content providers without using up their data. This means their customers have stopped watching content from the providers not included on the list because of their monthly data plans.

We’re sure T-Mobile customers are more than happy to be watching lots of video content without having to pay the high fees for data usage. But it’s somewhat unsettling to think about what would happen if other providers start adopting this idea.

In response to increasing pressure from net neutrality advocacy groups – as well as repeated calls for the FCC to closely examine Binge On – T-Mobile has decided to make it easier for users to disable the feature.

However, they stand by their customers who love Binge On, which is obvious from the fact that they’re now watching “more than twice the video than before from the free services.”
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