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iPhone 7 Plus Is Expected to Sport Two Rear Cameras

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Even though a new iPhone is still several months away, people love to speculate over the possible updates and new specs. Will it still feature a headphone jack? Will it have a bendable display?

Thanks to the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a new rumor has made waves in the media recently: it looks like iPhone 7 Plus is expected to sport two rear cameras. Instead of producing separate images, the dual-camera system will work together to create a single high-quality image.

Speculations are the next generation of iPhones could also be able to capture 3D image. According to MacRumors, Kuo also believes the two-camera design will also include optical zoom, allowing the smartphone to narrow its field of view without dropping in image quality.

Another interesting point that Kuo stated in his research note is that two models of the iPhone 7 Plus are currently in the works: one featuring the traditional single camera, and one with a dual-camera system on its back.

Does that mean that Apple hasn’t decided yet is the dual-camera setting is ready to hit the shelves? Kuo seems to think that Apple will eventually offer both configurations, no matter what.

Due to possible “supply chain constraints,” however, he predicts that Apple will sell the dual-camera model as a more expensive option. And it makes sense so far, seeing that we won’t put it past Apple to increase its average selling price.

If Kuo is right, this would mark the first time Apple decides to offer multiple hardware configurations for a single model of phone – apart from storage and color, of course. It’s not as if this is the first time Apple deals with supply chain constraints, and the company didn’t opt for multiple models.

Keeping in mind that this is an early Apple leak, it’s highly possible that these predictions may not make it in the final product. However, there have been signs pointing in this direction, such as the rumor launched in late 2014 by Apple pundit John, who said he’d heard about a dual-camera system for an upcoming iPhone.

At the same time, Apple has acquired a startup that specializes in multi-camera systems, and has also applied for a patent for a two-camera setup. The functionality of this type of systems is still largely unknown, but the idea seems to be that the smartphone combines data from both cameras to reduce noise and improve clarity.
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