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Ex-Twitter Executive Kevin Weil Reportedly Jumped Ship

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It’s fairly common for executives in social media to exchange their “nest” for another one, and this “bird” executive flew straight to the nest of its direct rival.

Ex-Twitter executive Kevin Weil reportedly jumped ship and will soon be joining photo-sharing platform Instagram as head of product. Should the reports be true, Weil is assumed to work directly under Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s chief executive and co-founder.

Details regarding the exact date of Weil’s rumored start at the company are yet to be unveiled. Nothing will happen this week, however, since Weil is to stay at Twitter until Jan. 29, according to an SEC filing.

Weil’s announcement of leaving Twitter on Sunday night couldn’t be of better timed, since Peter Deng, Instagram’s former product chief for the past two years, has moved on to another project within Facebook, at Oculus, in early January.

Since his departure, the position for head of product at Instagram has technically remained vacant. But Weil is not the only “bird” to fly to another nest recently. Alex Roetter, Twitter’s VP of engineering, and Katie Stanton, media boss at the 140-character company, are both scheduled to depart from Twitter.

Both executives have had tenure of more than five years at Twitter. In a similar vein, Skip Schipper, vice president for human resources, is also set to leave the company. Reports have Roetter alerting Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey about his upcoming departure in late 2015, soon after the company underwent a major overhaul.

Contrary to speculations, Dorsey claims the departures were all resignations, and that the executives were not terminated. A tweet posted on Sunday reveals his gratitude to the four executives: “They are absolutely amazing!”

A quick analysis of the events’ timing reveals the possibility that Instagram has been eyeing Weil for months, which would back up Dorsey’s statement about his resignation. If that is the case indeed, it would also explain why Weil’s duties at Twitter had been gradually cut back after October 2015, following the company’s restructuring.

Twitter, Instagram and Weil himself have yet to offer any comments on the subject. Weil has been with Twitter since 2009. Over the years, he diligently worked his way up, resulting in his eventual promotion as senior VP for product.

With his expertise, he should fit right in with Instagram, a company that has also grown through the years. According to the most recent reports, the platform’s active monthly users have risen to about 400 million.
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