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Amazon Won’t Back Out from the Smartphone Industry

Amazon Won't Back Out from the Smartphone Industry

It would seem that regardless of the disappointing results of the Fire Phone, Amazon won’t back out from the smartphone industry as it’s already planning something even bigger than before. While this doesn’t mean that the company is ready to develop a whole new smartphone of their own, there is a strong chance that we’ll be seeing more Amazon on our phones soon enough.

According to various reports coming from The Information, Amazon’s approach to making a stand in the smartphone industry this time around is slightly different. More specifically, the company is looking to make partner with various smartphone original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in order to integrate its own services in otherwise common and popular devices.

This would not imply a simple addition of the Amazon service apps or advertising into the software, but instead was suggested that Amazon would be working with select phone brands at a ‘factory level’ in order to integrate its own services. That statement alone is not particularly clear, as it was also said that the phones in question would feature Amazon services and also do things such as encourage the user to join Amazon Prime.

So that means that the current level of presence and involvement in things such as some Samsung devices and phones coming from AT&T does not thoroughly describe the nature of integration the company plans for its services to display in future smartphones. It also looks like Amazon is first and foremost targeting Google’s Android platform as even its very own Fire Phone used Android OS as a base for its user interface.

There is a predominant belief that could – to an extent – explain why Amazon seems nearly desperate to make integration of their own services a thing, through various means. Considering there aren’t many vendors out there that are willing to include the services that Amazon is attempting to push due to Google Play licensing limitations that Android manufacturers agree to, the company has to find a workaround.

The reason that happens, however, is because Amazon has its very own suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) that clash with Google’s own services and solution fixes; this goes against the regulation that manufacturers sign before they start making devices. And because Amazon cannot further enter in the market while the giant Google looms above, restricting most of its activity and any manufacturer that tries to stray away from the system, it requires a different method.

It could be very much possible that Amazon is considering designing a non-conflicting series of services and features that will not go against Google’s regulations for Android devices and attempt to push those to manufacturers instead. ‘Innocent’ applications such as the Fire Phone’s Firefly app could become great examples of the ways in which Amazon could integrate its own activity in phones at manufacturer level; Firefly is an application that allowed users to scan objects and identify entries which would directly lead you to its purchase page directly on Amazon.

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