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News of a Changing Snapchat Experience

News of a Changing Snapchat Experience

We recently got news of a changing Snapchat experience, supposedly a fact suggested by developers digging out code from the Android mobile app. As a result, the topic has been discussed over on the XDA Developers forum and it would seem that the changes – although not yet officially confirmed – would be based on the addition of audio and video calling from inside Snapchat itself.

But that’s not all there is. It would seem that the developers behind the selfie-exchanging service are also thinking of adopting actual chat messaging; this has been hinted at after the developers noticed the introduction of Snapchat’s emojis into them altogether.

There have been a number of leaked screenshots that depict the Snapchat app having some extra controls than the ones we’ve grown accustomed to. For example, there is a particular one that displays a bar along the top side of the screen that is supposedly used to initiate a voice call. That could later transition into a video call by the tap of a button alone.

This could mean that Snapchat will become an application that can compete head-on with others such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp – the currently most popular applications that allow people to not only chat via text, but also send photos, videos, call or video call their friends with no carrier charge.

It seems like the transition that Snapchat wishes to undertake with their socializing application brings a huge amount of advantages for the company and users, and not many downsides to think about. First and foremost, it would seem that the new version of the app would come with a much friendlier user interface; one that anyone oculd easily figure out if they’ve ever used other similar apps before – such as Whatsapp.

This could also mean that Snapchat could generate revenue through a number of ways: monetizing via the messaging features such as stickers and not mandatory but premium content you could unlock via paying. Not to mention the possibility of advertising.

However, there is no telling if any of those changes will truly be pushed to the public anytime soon. While it would be obviously in tune with the changes that other social chatting platforms are undertaking, it may – on the other hand – be not as well regarded by individuals who have been using it for a while.

It is common belief that the way Snapchat works these days is truly unique and not something you can easily get with any other app. Even since its inception, Snapchat managed to maintain everything at a very high privacy level by only letting the images that users sent last mere seconds, and self-destructing soon afterwards. That way, the only way you could keep record of what was being sent to you was by being swift enough to take a screenshot at the appropriate time.

However, Snapchat also recently changed their terms and conditions to let users know they are no longer deleting all content that passes through their platform. Instead, the company made it clear that it began saving the data that passes through and that it now owns pictures and videos that are and will be sent through its service.

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