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When The Find My iPhone App Gets Its Wires Tangled

When The Find My iPhone App Gets Its Wires Tangled

A couple that lives in a suburban zone of Atlanta gave received the brunt of a rather unsettling experience that shows us what happens when the Find My iPhone app gets its wires tangled. For nearly a year now, Christina Lee and Michael Saba had to deal with a peculiar scenario every now and then, when angry people came at their door, furiously looking for their lost phones.

While the accusations felt awfully misplaced at first, the couple soon realized that the reason people kept showing up there was because of their Find My iPhone apps that clearly pointed at their house as being the place where their phones were. And obviously, two individuals’ voices have no power when their visitors come accompanied by police officers and the proof that the app says the lost phones are in their very home.

And yet, the missing devices are nowhere near the couple’s home. While their polite explanations surprisingly work in most cases once they explain that it happens to them quite a lot and attempt to convince the victims that it’s an usual error that seems to point at their house.

While the couple doesn’t seem as phased as they once were by the occasional visitors that come knocking and asking with their phones, they do admit that they are mostly afraid of the day when the misleading app brings a violent person into the fray. Not to mention that last year, they ended up getting involved in the police investigation regarding a missing girl as her phone’s app was also suggesting that she (or at least her phone) was in their house.

But one will surely ask themselves what makes these things happen and why do most lost phones point at the house of Michael Saba and Christina Lee. The missing phones do not seem to have anything in common. While most of the stories involved iPhones, it doesn’t seem to be a rule as Androids also pointed in the direction of their house too. The phones are on various carriers it would seem, counting AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and Boost Mobile as only a few. So then what is the culprit behind this phenomenon?

A security analyst has uncovered the real culprit to be an unfortunate location for the couple to live in. Considering that device tracking apps use a layered method of tracking locations where the tech first looks for the phone’s GPS location, then to the cell towers that it was most recently connected at and finally at WiFi fingerprints based on WiFi network maps created by various companies and to the IP address. It would appear that the culprit is an unfortunate cell tower triangulation flaw.

The couple is dealing with an unsolvable issue as this is not something that anyone could be held accountable for. It’s not anyone in particular’s fault and there’s not much chance that the couple’s complaint at the local police department will earn any results. The two have mentioned that their last hope to once and for all solve the issue is to contact the Federal Communications Commission and the senate in order to put an end to the issue.

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