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Samsung Opened its First VR Production Studio in New York

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Samsung has been jumping through hoops and ladders to challenge our perception of the tech company. Besides creating its own own operating system, Tizen, it has also paired its forces with Oculus VR – and what a pair that is.

Cutting to the chase, Samsung opened its first VR production studio in New York, and the logical process behind that decision is rather easy to understand. Step one: Develop virtual reality headset. Step two: Make VR experiences for said headset. Step three: Kick back and profit.

Two years ago when Samsung partnered with Oculus, VR did not enjoy the same kind of hype and mainstream media coverage as it does today. But the emerging technology gained traction rather fast and now we have Gear VR, the first mainstream VR headset that pairs with your smartphone.

In this context, Samsung’s new VR movie studio is the next logical step in the company’s discourse from mobile tech into VR. Details about the newly formed studio were not included in the announcement made at the Sundance Movie Festival in Park City, Utah.

The few details we have come from Marc Mathieu, Samsung’s USA chief marketing officer, who said the studio would be located in a preexisting office of the conglomerate. The space will be share with a marketing team so they can have quick and easy access to the events taking place in the studio.

Samsung also included in the announcement a new year-long partnership with the Sundance Institute, the organization in charge with arranging the festival. The annual Sundance film festival also includes a plethora of virtual reality projects featuring various subjects.

One video offered the viewer a soothing flight through the skies of San Francisco from a bird’s perspective, while another one surprised with the controversial shifting of perspectives in a date rape scenario.

Oculus VR’s own movie studio submitted its own short sci-fi film, one that places you in an impenetrable forest with a gigantic robot. This means gaming isn’t the only field where VR is expected to thrive, as both new films and experiences are under development.

Imagine Samsung as a giant octopus exploring the virtual space with its tentacles, making sure it gets a piece of all the fields possible. In light of rumors that Apple is also looking into the technology, it could be that Samsung wants to gain the upper hand before its mobile rival manages to get monopoly on VR.
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