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Google to open retail popup stores for this winter in 6 U.S. cities

Google is planned to open the pop-up retail showrooms in 2 U.S. cities to promote its products competing directly with Apple and Microsoft retail stores, as the year-end Christmas shopping season is not far away.

Google opening popup stores "Winter Wonderlabs" in 6 U.S. cities.
Google opening popup stores “Winter Wonderlabs” in 6 U.S. cities.

Named as Winter Wonderlabs, these retail outlets will be demonstrating Google products such as Chromecast video-streaming devices, Chromebook notebooks, Nexus 7 tablets and Google Play and its services. People who visit the stores can also order the gadgets online after having demoed. The stores won’t sell anything there, but to attract the visitors it feature a large snow (fake snow) globe to take videos and snaps with themselves. This step is bit different than that of Intel’s plan to bring in consumers to its temporary winter outlets, named as Experience Stores.

Google in their special website said,

Give the gift of Google this holiday season. You can order all our newest devices right in the Winter Wonderlab—Nexus 7 tablets, Chromebooks, and Chromecast. Plus you can experience them all first in the Play Zones.

Google seems to spread its wings on hardware, rather than only relying Search Engine and other online services. The success of Apple Stores and Microsoft’s recent completion of 50 Microsoft Stores might lured Google to go i the same way to market its products. Apple and Microsoft sells the products in their stores and Google might be looking at experimenting on its “Stores” idea as this popup stores, which might bring fully pledged Stores later.

The Google Winter Wonderlabs stores will be located at Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York, Paramus (New Jersey) and California. You might know that the company is building its own barge to showcase its products in SF Bay, a new marketing gimmick.

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