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Apple Expands in Europe with a New App Development Center

Apple Expands in Europe with a New App Development Center

Recent news coming from the fronts of the technology giant suggest that Apple expands in Europe with a new App Development Center situated in Naples, Italy. According to the company, this will serve as a training space for new talent that wishes to get on board app development for Apple’s platforms. So in essence, Apple will be interested to train individuals from various European countries in the trade of development.

This will be made possible via their own, internal curriculum and teachers as well as partner up with various developer training entities from Italy in order to gain as much ground as they can. It would seem that Apple seeks the insight and breath of fresh air that aspiring developers from another continent can bring to the company’s interests.

According to Apple, application development signifies a major source of workplaces in Europe, the App Store-related jobs summing up to as many as 1.4 million jobs across the continent, including software engineers and developers but also entrepreneurs or non-IT jobs in the field. Italy only accounts for 75,000 of those jobs so far, however.

It has been estimated that developers in Europe working in Apple’s App Store or related application production have earned approximately $10.2 billion over the past year from commercializing apps. This doesn’t come as a surprise when you look at the stats recorded in the past month alone, when the traffic recorded about $1.1 billion worth of purchases done via Apple’s App Store. The company also announced that the highest amount of activity was recorded on New Year’s day, when approximately $144 million was spent on app purchases in roughly 24 hours.

Although no official statement has ever been made by the company, it is known that this is not the first time that Apple expands in a completely different area in an attempt to broaden its reach. The other location that Apple seems to have quietly settled in being Brazil. Furthermore, the company announced through a press release that it has plans to expand its program in several other places in the world; Indonesia is one of the locations that has been announced previously though it came as a light, passing mention and no other details were given on the occasion.

As to Apple’s presence in Italy, this is not the first recent mention. Days before last year ended, Apple was reported to having struck an agreement with the Italian government for the sum of $348 million to account for back taxes and the dispute that suggested the American giant had failed to pay taxes for six years. The result of the event was that Apple agreed to sign an accord this year that is supposed to handle the method the company will employ its tax liabilities from now on.

There is a strong possibility that the dispute started from what is now known to become Apple’s next App Development Center. It is safe to assume, however, that the company should not be meeting any problems of the sort any longer, now that things have been cleared up with the Italian authorities.

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