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Oculus VR Is Making It Easy to Know if You’ve Got What It Takes

Oculus VR Is Making It Easy to Know if You’ve Got What It Takes

As we have all come to realize, virtual reality doesn’t make it easy on the hardware if you truly want to experience it, thus Oculus VR is making it easy to know if you’ve got what it takes now. There seems to have been a fair amount of turmoil regarding the recent announcement made in regards to the Oculus Rift price, when the Palmer Luckey – the Oculus Founder – apologized for what was perceived as misleading information.

When the Oculus Rift was put up for preorders, the price listing it was placed under shocked a great number of individuals as it was undoubtedly much higher than the low-end estimate of $350 that was originally announced. Later on, in a Reddit AMA done by Luckey, he admitted that the statement was made hastily and under the influence of subjective thinking.

Because individuals were misinterpreting the $1500 price that was estimated to be the cost of owning an Oculus Rift, the founder ended up giving a much lower estimate of the device’s price just to clear up the fact that $1500 was not representative of the Rift itself, but of all the equipment needed to be able to use it. And more specifically, the computer specifications needed to be able to run virtual reality headgear.

The numbers needed to be able to experience the Oculus Rift are not to be taken lightly. Couple that with the fact that many individuals either do not own that extent of gaming gear capacity or are not capable to tell if their personal rigs would be able to hold virtual reality technology. This could lead to a reduction of the chance someone would manifest an interest in the device. Thus, Oculus VR decided to make it a lot easier for potential users by adding a free to download and use compatibility tool.

That way you can, without much uncertainty, whether your current gaming computer can make the cut and be used to render the next technological application in what video games are concerned. This app can be downloaded directly off of the order page for the Oculus Rift, right before you can press the checkout button. That way you can check and make sure you got the necessary tech to run it before you are able to make any purchases.

The app itself is super lightweight and considerate of your own privacy preferences as it won’t force you to share your spec details with Oculus. Program will run a very quick analysis of your system in what graphics card, memory, operating system, processor and USB availability are concerned and let you know if they’re sufficient. In the case where they’re not, the app will let you know what is the minimum requirement of specs that you should consider upgrading to if you wish to use the Rift.

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  1. It doesn't seem to play nicely with AMD. I have an FX-8320 8-core that it says is not compatible, yet it out performs their recommended intel i5-4590 by quite a bit.

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