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Karma Once Again Proves That It Was Too Good To Be True

Karma Once Again Proves That It Was Too Good To Be True

This is not even the first piece of news that we hear from the front and yet, Karma once again proves that it was too good to be true. Users of the Karma device may find themselves to be robbed of the beauty of the device with the changes that have already been made to the service. And while this cannot come as good news to most users, it seems to have been necessary above anything else.

The Karma device is your little own portable internet source. Or used to, rather. Basically, by opting for one of the two plans that were available on the website – Refuel or Neverstop – you could get internet access where your Karma would act as the router after it picked up on the mobile 4G LTE networks. While the more flexible version (Refuel) has remained the same and will provide you with as much traffic as you need, naturally according to the amount you pay for, the Neverstop has seen some changes.

While originally, you could get an unlimited data plan that allowed you to use the highest speeds the network was capable of for the $50 a month, things don’t seem to be the same now. Frankly, anyone could admit that the original deal was a bit too good – and many realized this while it was still ongoing.

Karma announced that it will be reducing the speeds of unlimited users on the Neverstop program after the first 15 GB. This comes as a result of the recent shocking statistics that suggest that over 59% of the Karma users were considering the device as their main connection and went to as much as 1,000 GB of usage a month. Karma CEO Steven Van Wel said the company did not expect that amount of traffic to be spent over the network and actually forced them to make the change.

The way the company handled it was more than simply equitable and realistic when the announcement was originally made. As it was expected, many users were outraged and disappointed at the change and demanded that the users who had overused the service would be held accountable and not every single user. The response of the company was to admit that the users weren’t doing anything wrong and simply using what Karma had offered – and that was an all-you-can-surf option.

However, because the company has stated that it cannot function with this amount of traffic and as a result, the Neverstop program will suffer changes. Having already been put into practice, Neverstop users now can still take advantage of speeds of up to 5 Mbps and up to 3 connected devices up to a limit of 15 GB. After that limit however, speeds will be throttled down to values as low as 1.5 Mbps. The company suggests the speeds will still be good enough for basic activities such as checking email and texting but definitely show a huge difference on the non-throttled traffic.

Karma is already admitting to their mistakes and not rushing into any other sudden changes for the moment. The company appears to be understanding and even urges people who are not happy with the new plan to return their devices until something better comes up.

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  1. From the Karma Blog: Get 15GB of data per month. After this, you’ll still be online but with speeds good enough for email and chat (around 64-128Kbps). Your article states "throttled down to values as low as 1.5 Mbps" which appears to be an incorrect statement.

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