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Xbox 360 Lawsuit Has Been Unearthed Once Again

Xbox 360 Lawsuit Has Been Unearthed Once Again

Even if this is something that originally started somewhere as early as 2008, an Xbox 360 lawsuit has been unearthed once again and now brought up to the Supreme Court of the United States. The lawsuit in question seems to have been filed and reported by as many as 55,000 individuals over the years when they started suspecting that their consoles were scratching the discs they placed inside them.

Originally, Microsoft’s reaction was not much more than a formal dismissal of the accusation, claiming that the occurrences were nothing more than customer mishandling of the discs and that the issue was not caused by the way the console is built nor any design flaw that may have been overlooked by the developers.

On more than just a few occasions, the allegation that came from the individuals affected would subtly suggest that Microsoft was aware of the ‘design flaw’ but refused to acknowledge or admit that that was the case. A few even went as far as saying that the company had known about the issue before the Xbox 360 console was even launched. But the reality of the situation is difficult to spot.

Apparently, the actual scratching of the discs is caused by the vibrations and other small fluctuations in movement pattern when they are inserted into the console. Because the system lacks an extra method of protection against these events, users reported that it was in fact the console itself that destroyed a number of DVDs, rendering them unusable.

There are rumors that Microsoft manager Hiroo Umeno even admitted that the company knew of this design flaw, or at least immediately recognized that it was the case. This is suggested by a court document from back in 2008 where Umeno supposedly flat out stated that when they first got news of the issue they recognized that the system not keeping the discs perfectly stable was behind it.

Several years later – and more specifically in 2012 – Umeno stated that only 0.4% of the users seem to be experiencing this issue and an even lower portion of them are reporting it. Because the reproduction rate of the scenario in which an Xbox would literally end up scratching your disc is abysmally small, the company decided to not make it public.

The greatly accidental-seeming nature of the problem was the very reason that a federal judge made the decision that a class-action litigation was not warranted back in 2012, resulting in the issue being forgotten for a few years.

There is no telling when and if this we will ever see the end of the issue as this is not only something that will be undergoing for the next several years – as it is usual with lawsuits to begin with. However, considering that the Xbox One has been out for a considerable amount of time now and even less individuals are using the 360 in the first place. Chances are that by the time the case is completed in the next few years, many will have already forgotten about it in the first place.

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