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Amazon Echo’s Alexa Will Read Your Kindle E-Books

Amazon Echo's Alexa Will Read Your Kindle E-Books

Amazon Echo’s Alexa will read your Kindle e-books if you don’t have the power to keep your eyes open. Amazon announced that this feature comes with Amazon Echo’s latest update.

Quite a lot of updates have been introduced since the Echo smart speaker has been released last year. Alexa can help users pick Amazon products, unlock certain Ford vehicles, control a few home appliances, and it can even play Jeopardy.

Now, Alexa has become a fantastic reading assistant.

Any book you have in your library – from Family, to Unlimited and Lending; can be read by Alexa, which uses the text-to-speech technology. Owners can even experiment with others services to see what Alexa can or can’t read.

If you’re in the mood to read a book but your eyes hurt after spending the whole day in front of the computer, you just have to say – Alexa, read [Book title]. You don’t have to move a finger due to the voice recognition feature.

When you think you’ve had enough, just ask Alexa to pause. If you want to resume from where you stopped last time, or skip a certain chapter, just say it out loud and the reading assistant will listen to your every needs.

Yet, it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies – there are limitations. The huge downside is that Alexa reads in a robotic voice so all of the quirks, all of the drama and excitement that your little in-head voice manages to convey will sound flat and without essence.

However, if you aren’t put off by your smart assistant’s robotic tone, then this service might just be the perfect one for you.

There are several restrictions within the app, but the update is free, and you can make use of Amazon’s vast library of books with Audible – a service that requires a monthly fee, but offers a vast range of books.

The e-commerce giant is offering free-of-cost excerpts from the new Star Wars book series so people that just bought a Kindle and don’t have anything to read can get a taste of what life is like with digital books.

In other news, rumors have it, that Amazon is preparing to launch a portable little Echo-brother. Given that the full-size Echo now costs $179.99, the new device, codenamed the Fox, will be a lot cheaper while sporting almost all of the functionality that its big brother offers.

Yet, there are rumours, which note that the Fox will not be Alexa-capable, which is quite worrisome as it’s a huge deal-breaker.

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