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The Latest Apple Patent Application Seems to be Aimed at the iWatch

The Latest Apple Patent Application Seems to be Aimed at the iWatch

The giant may be cooking something bigger as the latest Apple patent application seems to be aimed at the iWatch, the gadget that was supposed to revolutionize the smartwatch industry. We’re making use of the term ‘supposed’ here because Apple’s version of the wearable tech didn’t go a long way in comparison to its competition. Not to mention that the entire industry itself did not end up the effect that everyone expected.

Even so, the smartwatch market is still a relatively active place that, statistics report, is currently being led by Apple’s iWatch. Nevertheless, it would appear that the company is not satisfied with that alone and has some more plans for its product, in order to make it stand out more, even if it’s not in the direction that one would expect.

Latest leaks regarding Apple’s patent applications have revealed a watch band that can turn into a case and a stand too. And even more so than that, it appears to be able to magnetically attach to various surfaces. By all means, the patent describes something like the Milanese Loop, but with much more utility hidden inside.

Thanks to an entire system of magnets hidden inside the band, you will therefore be able to turn and bend the band around in multiple shapes and configurations, thus allowing for it to then become more than just a wristband. Thanks to that type of mechanism, the band could therefore stand freely on any flat surface you set it on or even use its own band as a protective cover.

There is a rumor that the magnetic band could also incorporate a new type of technology that would allow the Apple iWatch to connect and sync to any Apple computer by simply placing the watch on it and the magnetic contact to take over the rest. One counter-argument to that, however, is the fact that most Apple computers are usually made of an aluminum casing and magnetic connectivity would only be able to be achieved through metallic.

That, by itself, would suggest that either this is a project that is meant to see daylight in the not so near future or that even a revamp of the Apple computer concepts is underway.

There’s no telling if the patent that Apple has submitted an application for is meant for the band alone or whether this is something that will come along with the second iteration of the Apple iWatch. Nevertheless, there’s no telling whether this is reason enough for the smartwatch to become more impactful than its predecessor into the stagnating industry of smart wearables.

And after all, this is only a patent and does not necessarily imply that Apple is back at work with the smart watch gadgetry and already developing the next big thing. Nevertheless, several of the concepts at work behind the band in question is fairly intriguing and may help introduce new methods of data transfer and connectivity in the near future.

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