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VLC Makes an Appearance On Apple TV

VLC Makes an Appearance On Apple TV

Rumors now turned into reality as VLC makes an appearance on Apple TV as a free to download application you can find on the Apple App Store. It comes with the same amount of power that its computer equivalent always had. When no other player can play it, VLC surely can.

The VideoLAN player started off as nothing more than an open source cross-platform multimedia player that didn’t so much impress through its design or flashy, outstanding features. Instead, it used the most lightweight frame that it could have possibly done and invested into the capability of running and playing nearly any kind of video file without other codec packs ever being necessary. The platform has always been free, has always been available on pretty much all operating systems and that is without recurring to ads.

Now the VLC Media Player is making its first appearance on the Apple TV, giving a great helping hand to users who’ve been having trouble with the very picky nature of the television set; anyone who has made use of it so far has probably already faced the necessary process of converting some types of videos before you can play them on your Apple TV.

And the Apple TV version of the VLC Media Player seems to be equally clever, if not even a little more than that. It can not only adapt subtitles just the same way it does on our computers – whether they are .srt, WebVTT, SSA or even bitmap files – but it can also get you a quick way of finding subtitles via OpenSubtitles.org. of course, you would need to create an account on the subtitle website prior to that, so the app can easily access the site directly whenever it needs it.

It seems like there was quite a bit of thought put into VLC’s compatibility with Apple TV; the developers have also made it work with the Apple remote which allows you full navigation capability without any further hassle. Not only that, but the Apple TV VLC app will allow you to access video files from a wide variety of sources – DLNA/UPnP, FTP, Plex and SMB only counting a few of them.

The new VLC app also comes with a very useful feature – the Remote Playback. What it is capable of is basically making use other apps or web browsers to push media through VLC itself. It’s based on a slightly different interface that needs you to drag and drop the files or URLs you wish to watch onto a specially designed page that also allows you a basic amount of playback control.

As side notes of what else the VideoLAN media player for Apple TV will be offering is for example web radio and web music that use Hatchet as its very own source of artist and album art. A feature that the developers of VLC are also proud of is the addition of variable playback speed – something we may be well accustomed to on our computers but not employed in any other playback app out there for the Apple TV.

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