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Amazon Echo Gets a Little Portable Brother

Amazon Echo Gets a Little Portable Brother

Amazon Echo gets a little portable brother, but the giant e-commerce company has refused to comment on the rumors. This is quite thrilling as the version we have now comes with a pretty hefty price tag of $179.99.

The new Amazon Echo has been codenamed Fox, says SlashGear.

If you aren’t willing to pay that much for an amazing voice-activated personal assistant speaker, just wait for a little bit longer as there might just be a cheaper option available. According to The Wall Street Journal, there will be a cheaper and smaller Amazon Echo available in the upcoming weeks – aimed at always on-the-go individuals.

The Wall Street Journal notes that, in terms of size, the little Echo fits in the palm of your hand, and it’s beer-can-sized.

We can conclude that the new Echo will not sound as good as its older brother, that’s for sure. Yet, this doesn’t have to be a huge deal breaker as its music features are quite limited.

The biggest problem isn’t sound quality, but rather the fact that the new Echo won’t be voice activated, the WSJ says. It will be powered by batteries, so users can take it wherever, without worrying about recharging the little speaker. However, this means that the smaller Echo isn’t capable of always listening for the Alexa Command, because of it being battery-powered.

Users will need to push a button to activate it.

To be frank, this is a pretty huge and long drive away from what made the Echo popular in the first place. It isn’t clear, yet, if this is the case, but if it turns out to be true, Amazon Echo fans will be downright disappointed.

Regardless of this potential downside, an expansion in the Echo dynasty is much awaited and welcomed. Considering that last week Amazon announced a partnership with Michigan-based car-manufacturer Ford, we are quite curios how much the Echo family will grow in 2016.

The Ford partnership means to add Alexa support in the vehicle maker’s SYNC platform.

Given the huge Fire Phone disaster of 2015, the massive online retailer has laid off people and begun reeling efforts from its consumer hardware ambitions.

In other news, during last week’s CES 2016, we saw Triby, again. Triby is a third party device that integrates Amazon’s assistant. But the huge problem with this kind of devices is that they are stationary, and in order to work, they need to be plastered on a car, a refrigerator door or a wall of sorts.

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