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Founder of Vine Creates a New App Called Peach and It’s Awesome

Founder of Vine Creates a New App Called Peach and It's Awesome

The founder of Vine creates a new app called Peach and it’s awesome – yet, do we really need another messaging app?

From shoelaces to space travel, people just love to talk. Messaging apps were hot in 2015 and the trend continues in 2016 as well. But with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Line, Hangouts and a ton others, does Peach have a place?

It seems that it has found a nice niche and the app itself is quite interesting. The app, created by Vine founder Dom Hofmann, at a glance, offers an experience similar to Slack.

If you type GIF, you’ll be prompted with a search-feature where you can, go figure, search for one and share it. Type DRAW and you can draw any picture you want, given that you know how to draw in the first place.

Peach likes to call them magic words.

If you don’t know what post, Peach will provide you with interesting and intriguing questions to answer. Everything goes to your home, which has almost the same functionality as Facebook’s Wall/Timeline, where people can comment on what you’ve posted or like your shares.

There’s no private messaging, and we’re not sure if Peach will ever receive it – it’s as open as Twitter, basically.

A sort-of Poke like feature exists, and it sends a push notification to a user and fund can be had.

Also, from one screen, you can watch your buddies update their status in real-time. Pretty nifty.

Peach is available only for iOS, at least, for now. We are quite sure that it will come to Android in the near future, if it proves to be popular on iOS, that is. As far as Windows Mobile OS goes, we can’t say anything, as Microsoft’s operating system seems to be left out all the time.

However, even though it’s still on Beta, it’s catching fire rather quickly.

It kind of reminds me of the early days of Twitter, but a lot more stable, and with a ton more features. That isn’t to say that Peach doesn’t have its issues, yet, bare with the developer as it has just launched.

For a full list of magic words, you can go to the Peach.cool/support page.

The coolest ones, are by far, gif, draw, song, rate, here, shout and weather.

Peach is compatible with iOS 8.3 or later and it can be used on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. You need about 8.5 MB of available space to install it.

Released on January the 8th, 2016, Peach seems to be rather well reviewed on iTunes. Given that it’s a free app, why not try it and tell us your experience below?

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