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Apple’s Own Automobile Release Is Very Possible

Apple’s Own Automobile Release Is Very Possible

It’s been rumored for such a long time that people had already started disregarding it as a real prospect and yet, here we are being given proof that Apple’s own automobile release is very possible after all. Recent leaks and findings are suggesting that the technology giant is bold enough to adventure into a completely different direction that the one we’ve grown accustomed to seeing so far.

Apple is, without doubt, one of the most achieved developers of software and technology that the last few decades have ever shown. While its supremacy has time and time again been challenged by Google, Microsoft and various eastern mobile technology companies, Apple has always managed to maintain a very convincing sector of the market.

However, it seems that you can only stay hot and modern for so long before someone else ends up on the same pace with you – or even manages to be a few feet ahead. There’s no telling if that is the real reason Apple is attempting this or whether this is simply general speculation but it’s undoubtedly happening – Apple is moving into the department of automobile manufacturing.

The reason the rumors surrounding it were given substance and reason to be taken as reality were the recent leaks showing Apple to register the Apple.Car and Apple.Auto domains – both done on December 9th last year. But not just a few would argue that it’s a highly ambiguous lead to go on. Many believe this could very well be related to the CarPlay Apple app that allows you to make better use of your phone without endangering yourself or others while in traffic.

It’s also been known that Ford is planning to incorporate both Apple and Android support in their semi and fully autonomous they plan to release by 2020 and 2030, respectively. There’s a possibility this could have something to do with that just as well. It wouldn’t be the first time that Apple’s actions suggest that the company is moving in this direction but it turns out it’s more probable of it being related to the smartphone app instead.

Take the company’s actions last August, when the Apple executives took part in a meeting with the DMV in California in order to review vehicle regulation for self-driving vehicles. Is this related to a possible attempt at Apple’s own brand of autonomous vehicles or simply brushing up on the extent of their app’s capabilities in expectancy of their incorporation in soon to be developed vehicles that are capable of that?

There are more rumors that would suggest the former version of the story. Nevertheless, there is no base to them and should be taken as nothing more than just that – rumors. There has been a number of sources that suggest Apple has been heavily at work with gaining the qualified work force necessary for developing such an automobile. There is word travelling that Apple has been poaching engineers from automakers such as Ford, General Motors and Tesla but no proof of such has been presented as of yet.

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