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Ford Upgrades the 2017 Fusion but Keeps the Traditional Design

Ford Upgrades the 2017 Fusion but Keeps the Traditional Design

Ford upgrades the 2017 Fusion but keeps the traditional design, dropping the popular Aston Martin look. The 2017 Fusion family sedan receives a race-car styling and the horsepower to go along with the face-lift.

The 2017 Ford Fusion will debut at today’s Detroit auto show, and the vehicle will sport an oval grille, which is quite similar to the one found on the Ford Focus. The company will also be launching a Fusion V6 Sport model that comes packed with a twin turbo, 325-HP engine and all-wheel-drive transmission.

The much improved Fusion plug-in and hybrid models, which both will go on sale during the middle of 2017, will be more fuel-efficient and they will be able to travel longer distances using their electric capabilities.

When Ford started to sell the Fusion back in 2012 it rallied all the family sedan lovers mainly due to its affordable price and the sexy looks that just shouted Aston Martin and James Bond. The family sedan market was in their hands from 2011 to 2014, but 2015 wasn’t that kind to the Fusion. Because of another Ford-made vehicle, the Escape, sales fell 2.2 percent for the Fusion in 2015.

The Michigan-based company resorted to all manners of discounts to entice consumers to buy the Fusion.

Eric Ibara, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book, has said in an e-mail addressed to Bloomberg, that the Fusion is in a very competitive segment of the market that is losing ground to the sport utility segment.

This means that a refreshed and more sport-like Fusion is needed for the vehicle to do well in this highly competitive bracket. So, the upgraded and improved Fusion will be designed to be more responsive to what it encounters on the rode – think of anticipating potholes so the blow doesn’t rattle the whole car.

The V6 Sport model will start at $34,350 and the base Fusion model begins at $22,995. All of the models will come with dual twin exhaust pipes, 19-inch wheels covered by glossy, black mesh grilles, and a fabulous rear spoiler.

The hybrid and plug-in models will get their juice, partially of course, from a 7.8-kilowatt lithium-ion battery. The company claims that the vehicles will be able to travel 19 miles on electricity before becoming petrol-heads and sink their teeth into the 2.0-liter gasoline engine.

The Energi plug-in can be fully charged in about 2.5 hours, the company says.

The Energi plug-in hybrid will start at $33,995, and the hybrid’s base model will have a price of $26,060.

Raj Nair, chief technical office, said during an interview, that the new and improved Ford Fusion will make sales soar again.

All of the Fusion models will come with the company’s Sync infotainment system, which Ford notes that it’s faster, and better with an improved touchscreen that resembles one found on a flag-ship smartphone and more precise and complex conversational voice recognition.

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