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The Reason Why the Tweet Length Change Won’t Alter Twitter

The Reason Why 10,000 Character-Long Tweets Won’t Change Twitter

The topic that has been declared the hot news of the week appears to not be exactly what it seems and here’s the reason why the tweet length change won’t alter Twitter. A definite uproar quickly spread earlier this week as news websites boomed with headlines about Twitter’s most recent decision.

What everyone agreed that it was the most defining feature of the light-weight Twitter social media website – the 140-character limit to anything you ever wanted to post – was suddenly put in a questionable light when CEO Jack Dorsey announced that was going to be given up completely.

While the 140-character limit has been known to be easily overridden with various third party apps and websites such as twitlonger.com whenever the message you had to convey could literally not fit in the tiny and restrictive Twitter, users have been swift to express dissatisfaction and concern. While giving up on a defining feature is something that users will only take a couple of weeks at most to get accustomed to in reality, the most upsetting idea lingered on until recently.

It would appear that most users were concerned with what the character length change would mean to the layout of Twitter as we all know it. The idea of having to scroll down to get past an entire 10,000-character long tweet just to continue browsing sounded harrowing and awful. However, good news arose when Twitter announced that nothing would change in the layout or art form of the website and app we’ve all come to enjoy.

Whether the company is considering adding a type of ‘click for more’ button or functionality or will simply be using the same model that we can see these days where tweets drift off and you need to tap them to read the entire content is not yet known at the time. However, the CEO insisted that nothing will be changing in this perspective and that Twitter browsing will be as lightweight as it has ever been.

Jack Dorsey actually took a very clever and humorous approach to the complaints received ever since the new feature was first announced by doing what many individuals already practice. He wrote a much longer than 140-character message then took a screenshot of it and tweeted it as a picture – a very common approach for anyone who had previously tried to get around the limit.

However, the new character limit on tweets may be against the liking of some users, and it’s undeniable that the benefits of enterprises and advertising services exceed the ones of individuals. But it’s unfair to state that the change is all about brands’ interests alone. While tweeting may not exercise your creativity as much as they once used to, you should consider that long-form text will minimize the amount of external linking you would have to do for example. For small or aspiring businesses, longer tweets could account for a better SEO visibility and search capabilities.

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