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Digital Video to Trump TV by 2020, Says YouTube

Digital Video to Trump TV by 2020, Says YouTube

Digital video to trump TV by 2020, says YouTube during the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show 2016. YouTube foresees a future where digital video will be the new TV, and that future is just around the corner, notes in a speech Robert Kyncl, YouTube Chief Business Officer.

Kyncl, who has been a YouTube employee since 2010, and having a seven-year engagement with Netflix prior, is the executive that oversees all business functions for Google’s video platform – including general operations, content, marketing, and sales.

Patterns will continue to shift dramatically, and digital video will become the only way consumers will get their daily dose of entertainment, education and media surfing, Kyncl said and continued to cite trends such as virtual reality, mobile viewing and music streaming platforms.

In 2009 TV viewing peaked, notes Kyncl, quoting famous researcher Nielsen. Now, viewers are watching about five hours of TV a day. Consumers tend to watch only an hour and fifteen minutes a day of online videos. Yet, that trend is growing at a humongous rate – 60 percent a year.

There are only two things that people do more than watch videos, and those are sleep and eat, says Kyncl.

At the end of 2015, YouTube made available their new service called Red – it’s an ad-free subscription-based service. Red will bring original content from YouTube stars starting with February of 2016.

Discussing about YouTube’s growth and success over the past several years, Kyncl introduced to the stage Scooter Braun, who is best known for discovering Justin Bieber in 2007 by finding one of his videos on, go figure, YouTube.

Braun has said that YouTube, and Bieber of course, changed his life. He then proceeded to offer words of encouragement to those who are creating content for Google’s video platform.

And with Braun ending by saying that video has never been more important to music as it is right now, the coupled statement that digital video will reign supreme by 2020 ended.

Indeed, it’s bold, but considering that Netflix, Hulu and YouTube are growing and creating original content of their own, digital video is becoming more common with each passing day.

In other news, Kyncl brought Nick Woodman of GoPro to the stage, announcing the partnership between the two. Both companies are forming an alliance to bring more 360 degree experiences to the video platform. Also, GoPro has said that is working on delivering a more affordable and consumer friendly spherical capture camera. Official release date? Soon, in the near future.

Ending the whole presentation, Kyncl said farewell with one last announcement – YouTube will support HDR video. When? Again, soon, in the near future.

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