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Lenovo to Tango With Google

Lenovo to Tango With Google

Lenovo to Tango with Google – a partnership that goes beyond the dance floor and into the mobile industry. Project Tango is Google’s 3D augmented reality technology, which Lenovo will use to make a smartphone. Actually, more of a phablet.

Since the dawn of 2015, Lenovo and Google have been working together on finding a way to bring Project Tango to the mainstream. Yesterday, during the CES event, the companies have announced that they’re are finally going to do it.

The very ambitious plan is set to launch during the Summer of 2016.

About two years ago, Google unveiled their Project Tango. It’s quite hard explaining what the Project Tango tech actually does, and how it will help consumers. To summarize it, using a variety of sensors, it gives the mobile device all the knowledge it needs to be aware of its physical surroundings so the user, meaning you, can interact with via the gadget.

Basically, it’s a system that bridges complex augmented reality to the mobile medium.

With the use of a common gyroscope and accelerometer, and more rare, and sophisticated technologies such as an RGB camera, a depth sensor and a motion tracking camera, it’ll map the room for virtual use. Or how Johnny Lee, Tango’s leader, used it during the CES event –  mapped the stage and placed a refrigerator in a corner.

Just imagine how quick you can remodel your entire house, placing different pieces of furniture, paintings and electronics around rooms – just like in EA’s The Sims; so you don’t make a mistake and buy a hideous armoir that just doesn’t fit anywhere.

There are further implications that don’t reside in an Ikea fanboy’s wet dream.

Think of gaming, and other virtual reality experiences.

The phablet, we were told, will be under 6.5-inches, and development won’t be finished until Summer of 2016. Qualcomm will be supplying their Snapdragon processor to be the main brain of the operations, said Jeff Meredith, Vice President at Lenovo.

The Project Tango-enabled phablet will cost just under $500, and with more than 5,000 developers already working on apps, the platform won’t lack content, said Meredith.

Lowes, the home improvement giant, has noted that they are working on an augmented reality e-commerce app that’s going to be based on Project Tango. Using the app, users will be able to place, let’s say, a fridge in their kitchen to see if it fits or not, just like Johnny Lee did on stage.

If you think you have what it takes to develop apps for Project Tango, there’s a program conducted by Google with the aim of discovering new ideas and talents. The deadline is the 15th of February so you better get at it!

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