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Control Sphero’s BB-8 Using this Force-Powered Wearable

Control Sphero's BB-8 Using this Force-Powered Wearable
No price confirmation or release date at the moment of writing.

Control Sphero’s BB-8 using this force-powered wearable – well, not really force-powered, but a cool and lightweight band that you can slap on your wrist.

The coolest Star Wars toy has gotten even cooler!

Using motion tracked gestures, Sphero will make everyone’s dream come true – that of finally becoming a Jedi, or a Sith.

Hey, don’t judge.

Just announced at CES, Sphero demoed its prototype hardware, which will be available later this year. The hardware is designed to pair and control the company’s massively popular BB-8 toy. The manufacturer notes that the consumer ready version of the wearable will look 100 percent different that what we are seeing now, but it will keep all of its functionality – with polishes here and there of course.

Instead of pressing and tapping on your smartphone or tablet’s screen, users will be able to control the BB-8 using movements a la Luke Skywalker thanks to the ultra-sensitive gyroscopic motion sensors that are built into the toy.

It comes with pre-programmed moves, and if the BB-8 gets stuck somewhere between your couch, which we will call Tatooine, and your TV stand, which we will from now on name Hoth, then with just a precise push and pull motion, you can get it out of its tight spot.

Just imagine dancing and using the subtlest of Jedi movements to save your BB-8 from the clutches of a Wookiee lookalike.

Wookiee lookalike
This beast is both fabulous and scary.

Sphero notes that depending on how a user holds his arm and the motions he makes, there will be a variety of control modes, which will be indicated via an LED that will change its colour. This means that you have the possibility of choosing to move only the BB-8’s head, so it creates the illusion of it responding to other people, which will most likely interact with it.

There’s no info regarding how much the force-powered wearable will cost, or when it will actually come out, but we are hoping it’s as soon as possible and straight in my hands – please and thank you of course.

Given that users won’t need an expensive tablet or smartphone anymore, overall, it’ll be less cheaper that BB-8’s current price tag of $149.99.

Sphero notes that when it is going to be available, the wearable will be bundled alongside the BB-8, but consumers will also be able to be purchase it separately.

The company has also announced that it’s going to bring a a new model of the BB-8 – a battle damaged one, which has seen a thing or two while adventuring from planet to planet.

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