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The Parrot Disco Drone is a Party Maniac, Reaching Speeds of 50 MPH

The Parrot Disco Drone is a Party Maniac, Reaching Speeds of 50 MPH
No release date or price confirmed by Parrot.

The Parrot Disco Drone is a party maniac, reaching speeds of 50 MPH, and with an 1080P HD camera it trumps almost everything on the market.

In the past couple of years there has been a consumer drone explosion that has been mostly focused on quadcopters. Parrot, however, knows that drone enthusiasts need a variety of gadgets and thus brings a brand new face to the medium.

The Parrot Disco Drone is smart, easy to control and it can rip clouds apart because its top speed is 50 MPH!

With a rotor on its tail, flaps on each wing, which are controlled by motors, the Parrot Disco Drone resembles a mini-airplane.

Yet, this mini-airplane doesn’t require any expertise to handle. Parrot claims that even though this clearly isn’t an enthusiast drone and it resembles more like something a die-hard fan would purchase, it’s rather easy to control.  Due to its home-grown Parrot app, the drone can literally fly itself.

There’s even a controller hardware that consumers can purchase – that is, if they want to feel like they are really in the sky along with the Disco. The joystick controls the altitude of the drone as well as directions – left and right.

Parrot’s Disco Drone has its usual sensors that allows it to maintain stability in the air, as well as both a sight camera and an ultrasound sensor to help it in rough conditions.

In the nose of the drone, you’ll find a pitot sensor, which determines how fast the drone can fly. Also in the nose, the HD camera is located.

If you lose the Drone, or if it’s senses that it’s too far away from home without nobody guiding it, it will get back using its built-in GPS. That’s a good drone!

The Disco Drone weighs about 1.5 pounds, and its 1.1-meter wingspan makes it not really small, but not really big as well. Foam covers it and Parrot claims that it’s pretty tough, but don’t you go crashing it into a tree. Tree always beats drone in a brawl, so there’s no point in testing that assumption.

Yet, you’ll be crashing the drone on a daily basis. Well, sort of crashing it. Why? Because it doesn’t really have a landing gear so, when you land it, it’s going to look like you’re destroying its interiors. We don’t need to worry about this, I think…

The Disco can fly for 45 minutes in the air due to its high-capacity battery.

Unfortunately, we don’t really have a release date, nor a price confirmation. What we do know at the current moment is that Parrot will release it sometimes in 2016.

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